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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Featured Horse of the Week - PJ

This week’s featured adoptable horse is actually a pony! PJ is a cute little 13 year old pinto gelding who stands about 13 hands tall. He was brought into Horse Haven with his two sons, Stormy and Banjo, when his elderly owner could no longer care for the trio.

PJ (center) and his sons Stormy and Banjo:

When the three first arrived they were almost wild. There were terrified of people, horrible to lead and they loved to bite and nibble. Gradually, they came to love and respect the Horse Haven volunteers and became quite amicable little guys.

PJ, Stormy, and Banjo investigating volunteer Hannah Rose:

PJ checking out volunteer Ashley's flat friend:

Unfortunately, they also developed the ability to become escape artists and liked to break out of their pasture to get into the pastures with the big horses. After doing this a few times, one of the big horses had enough of their shenanigans and kicked PJ! The kick broke PJ’s leg right below his shoulder. Anyone who knows horses can tell you that a broken leg is usually a death sentence for a horse as surgery is expensive and recovery is difficult, if not impossible, as horses need all of their legs to support their weight.

Unbelievably, an anonymous donation came in the mail to HHT in the exact amount that the University of Tennessee Vet Hospital was going to charge HHT for PJ’s surgery, $1,000! Because PJ is a pony, he has a better build to support surgery and healing on a gimpy leg, so off PJ went for surgery!

When PJ returned to the HHT barn a few days later, he had his entire leg in a cast. His rehab and recuperation included months of stall rest with hand walking, then months of limited turnout in a dry lot. Finally, after quite a long time, the doctor determined that PJ was completely healed and he could return to his normal, happy pony life!

PJ and his cast on stall rest:

PJ has had an exciting life since being cleared from his injury. In October, PJ dressed up as a mer-pony in an underwater themed stall at Boo at the Barn. He didn’t forget his jailbird ways, however, and was able to slide under his stall guard and go for a walk around the event, saying hello to all of the kids. Fortunately he was found by the volunteers and brought back to his stall before he caused any more trouble.

PJ and volunteer Sue greeting guests at Boo at the Barn:

This past May, PJ reinvented his acting skills and became a beach bum in the stall decorating contest at the Spring Fling. PJ was quite the little ham, sporting giant sunglasses and a flower lei.

HHT has also found out that PJ is a good little lead line pony. His shoulder injury seems to have had no lasting effect on his ability to cart youngsters around on his back.

So, if you find yourself loving PJ as much as our HHT volunteers do, why don’t you come visit him at our next monthly Open House Adoption Day on July 10th from 10 am to 2 pm when he’ll be giving some free pony rides? PJ has been with HHT for over a year and it’s time for him to find a permanent home of his own!

PJ and his new best friend Perry, the 8 month old Paso Fino colt:


  1. Sadly (luckily) I'm too far away. Because he is a tempting little guy. But five horses is already one too many. I send my best wishes his way -

  2. Thanks K! He is a great little pony...if you should ever change your mind let us know! :)