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Monday, June 28, 2010

Before and After Monday - Eagle!

Eagle came into Horse Haven in 2007, along with several other horses from a horrific neglect situation in Northeast Tennessee. He was a walking skeleton when he arrived. This was a far cry from how Eagle should have ever been treated. He is a 16.2 hand Thoroughbred gelding with stellar bloodlines, but was not a consistent winner on the racetrack. He was rehomed from the racetrack and ended up in the horrible situation from which he was saved by Horse Haven.

Here is a picture of what Eagle looked like after a few weeks of careful re-feeding at Horse Haven:

A volunteer at Horse Haven became very attached to Eagle and somehow knew he was the horse for her. Who could resist such a face?

More than 15 months after Eagle first came to Horse Haven, he was finally released by the court after his previous owner's animal cruelty case resulted in a conviction. Eagle could FINALLY go to his forever home with the volunteer that first felt a connection with him. With good nutrition, he filled out to look like this:

Eagle started out his new career and flourished. After getting into shape and some more training, he went to some horse shows and was a star.

He has brought home many ribbons.

Eagle has been trail-riding and is a great fearless trail horse too. He has also gave cross-country jumping a try and he loves it! Sometimes he may be a little bored with small jumps so he has to jump BIG!

He learned about crossing water for the first time and decided that a cold creek on a hot day is a great thing!

Lately Eagle has been practicing dressage. He always needs something new to challenge his smart Thoroughbred brain. So far, he has succeeded at everything he has tried.

While much of Eagle's life was uncertain and cruel, he now has a happy, lifetime partnership where he is pampered and appreciated. Maybe you can find your "diamond in the rough" at Horse Haven too!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Featured Horse of the Week - PJ

This week’s featured adoptable horse is actually a pony! PJ is a cute little 13 year old pinto gelding who stands about 13 hands tall. He was brought into Horse Haven with his two sons, Stormy and Banjo, when his elderly owner could no longer care for the trio.

PJ (center) and his sons Stormy and Banjo:

When the three first arrived they were almost wild. There were terrified of people, horrible to lead and they loved to bite and nibble. Gradually, they came to love and respect the Horse Haven volunteers and became quite amicable little guys.

PJ, Stormy, and Banjo investigating volunteer Hannah Rose:

PJ checking out volunteer Ashley's flat friend:

Unfortunately, they also developed the ability to become escape artists and liked to break out of their pasture to get into the pastures with the big horses. After doing this a few times, one of the big horses had enough of their shenanigans and kicked PJ! The kick broke PJ’s leg right below his shoulder. Anyone who knows horses can tell you that a broken leg is usually a death sentence for a horse as surgery is expensive and recovery is difficult, if not impossible, as horses need all of their legs to support their weight.

Unbelievably, an anonymous donation came in the mail to HHT in the exact amount that the University of Tennessee Vet Hospital was going to charge HHT for PJ’s surgery, $1,000! Because PJ is a pony, he has a better build to support surgery and healing on a gimpy leg, so off PJ went for surgery!

When PJ returned to the HHT barn a few days later, he had his entire leg in a cast. His rehab and recuperation included months of stall rest with hand walking, then months of limited turnout in a dry lot. Finally, after quite a long time, the doctor determined that PJ was completely healed and he could return to his normal, happy pony life!

PJ and his cast on stall rest:

PJ has had an exciting life since being cleared from his injury. In October, PJ dressed up as a mer-pony in an underwater themed stall at Boo at the Barn. He didn’t forget his jailbird ways, however, and was able to slide under his stall guard and go for a walk around the event, saying hello to all of the kids. Fortunately he was found by the volunteers and brought back to his stall before he caused any more trouble.

PJ and volunteer Sue greeting guests at Boo at the Barn:

This past May, PJ reinvented his acting skills and became a beach bum in the stall decorating contest at the Spring Fling. PJ was quite the little ham, sporting giant sunglasses and a flower lei.

HHT has also found out that PJ is a good little lead line pony. His shoulder injury seems to have had no lasting effect on his ability to cart youngsters around on his back.

So, if you find yourself loving PJ as much as our HHT volunteers do, why don’t you come visit him at our next monthly Open House Adoption Day on July 10th from 10 am to 2 pm when he’ll be giving some free pony rides? PJ has been with HHT for over a year and it’s time for him to find a permanent home of his own!

PJ and his new best friend Perry, the 8 month old Paso Fino colt:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank You Thursday!!

Sorry everyone! Due to some technical issues, Thank You Thursday is being posted now instead of yesterday, sorry!

Today Horse Haven of Tennessee wishes to extend a HUGE Thank You to Donna!!!! Donna is our Volunteer Coordinator. She is in charge of recruiting, communicating with and training new volunteers. She is in charge of doing the master monthly barn schedule for the volunteer morning and evening shifts caring for the horses. She also helps out at our monthly Open House Adoption Days and every single special event we hold. Not to mention, she is out at the barn multiple times a week rolling up her sleeves and getting dirty with the volunteers mucking out stalls, hauling hay and turning out horses.

We love you Donna and are so grateful for all your help!! THANK YOU!!!
Donna and Bonita have a special bond:

Donna loves little Perry:

Donna cooking S'Mores for the kids at Boo at the Barn:

Donna and Jan talking about PJ's beach themed stall at Spring Fling:

Donna getting Sugar saddled up at Open House Adoption Day:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Upcoming Special Events

1. This Saturday Horse Haven will be hosting its first ever Competitive Trail Challenge! Trail Challenges are designed to test the bond between you and your horse and are a great way to hone your skills for safe trail riding. The event will be held at Lovingood Springs Farm on Miser Station Road, Louisville, TN. Registration begins at 9:00 am and the first rider will hit the course at 10:00 am.

There will be 12 judged challenges in the arena for beginners and an additional 7 judged speed challenges will be out on the trail for advanced riders. Some of the obstacles include:
Bridge Crossing Merry Go Round
Tarp Backing
Logs Ground Tying
Mount & Dismount Leading
Car Wash Serpentine
Barrels Water Crossing
Log Pull Rain Slicker
Canter Speed
Mailbox Gate
Side Pass Trailer Loading

The trails at Lovingood will also be open for all-day riding for any additional $10 wrist band. The challenge will go on rain or shine!!

2. On Saturday July 10th, Horse Haven will be opening the gates of our barn at 10:00 am to the public for our monthly Open House Adoption Day. We will be displaying all of our rideable horses, giving pony rides for smaller children and at 2:00 pm we will host a Horse Ownership Class. This month's topic is preparing your horse for trail riding and practicing trail obstacles. So bring your apples and carrots and have some fun in the sun with the HHT horses!

3. Next, on July 19th, Horse Haven will be taking over Family Night at the Cotton Eyed Joe! Horse Haven will be receiving the proceeds for everyone who comes out and partakes in the event. On Family Night there are no alcohol sales, free dance lessons, and food! So bring your family and come out at 6:00 pm and support Horse Haven. Depending on the weather, a rescue horse or two may make a special appearance in the Joe's parking lot!

4. Finally, be on the lookout for more info as Horse Haven is sponsoring a Dancing for the Horses - Western Style competition. Four teams of local Knoxville celebrities will compete in a dancing competition to raise money for HHT. The competition will be held at the Cotton Eyed Joe, date and time to be determined.

Follow Dancing for the Horses on Facebook!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fundraising Efforts

As we all know, no animal rescue can operate without community support. Please check out some of our current fundraising campaigns and see if you or anyone you know may be able to contribute! Of course, we will never turn down gifts of cash, hay, feed, or tack. Every donation is tax deductible.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Before and After Monday - Kip!

Kip came in from a rescue case in which there were 10 horses and 3 owners. One of the horses had to be put down because of starvation and other problems coming from that sort of situation. Horse Haven knew Kip had been ridden previously because according to the owner he was the best riding horse ever. Only one horse of the group had a good weight. Kip was very underweight.

Here is Kip when he was first brought to Horse Haven:

Kip struggled to stay alive. There were many days at the barn that the volunteers would come in and find him laying down, refusing to get up. Horse Haven came so close to making "that call" many times, but every time Kip would find the will to live and bounce back. After the many trials Kip went through when his owner surrendered him and he came to HHT, Kip was also found to have navicular disease and cannot ever be ridden. Pasture pets are hard to adopt out and Kip's future looked bleak.

One of Horse Haven's board members decided to foster a horse as a companion for her horse. This is Kip when he first came to his new home almost a year ago. Look how sad his eyes are and the way he stands.

A couple of months later in September, look how shiny his coat was! After much thought about Kip's future, he was adopted by the foster home.

Kip receives acupuncture every 6 weeks. He had a little problem with acting sore for a couple of weeks, so his vet and farrier decided to put shoes with wedges to keep his heel elevated. Kip is running around again and is not acting sore.

This is with his pasture mate, Mandy. She cannot be ridden either and enjoys quite a good retirement with Kip.

Here is a picture of Kip receiving his acupuncture treatment. Think he enjoys it?

Kip is a shining example of a horse that almost didn't make it, but because of Horse Haven and its caring volunteers and supporters he got a second chance. Horse Haven has no shortage of horses in need of someone to show them that not all humans are abusive and that they too can have a great, happy, satisfying life!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Comanche - Formerly "Duke"

Our first Before and After feature is Comanche, a 7 year old Tennessee Walker gelding. When Comanche first came to Horse Haven his name was Duke. He came in with a group of other Tennessee Walkers. These horses were all in various stages of emaciation and had horrible feet. The saddest thing about them was that their former owners were actually riding them while they were this skinny! Comanche was shod on all four feet, but it had been so long since his feet had been trimmed that he had thrown one of the shoes. These weren't good shoes either, they were the wrong size and stuck off the back of his hooves. They had also been put on with roofing nails.

Here's Comanche during his first week at Horse Haven:

Luckily for Comanche, Candice, one of the Horse Haven volunteers, brought her husband with her that morning in February to help with barn chores. As soon as Joe laid eyes on Comanche, it was true love! Candice had just gotten a horse for herself and they were looking for a horse for Joe. Comanche was the perfect height, had a sweet personality and being gaited was a plus for beginner-rider Joe. So Candice and Joe filled out the application, went through the adoption process and took Comanche home.

Comanche on his first day at his new home:

It would be a month or so of lots of grain and hay before Comanche had enough weight on him to start working. Nothing much was known about his history except for that his owners had been riding him and there had been an incident where he was hitched to a cart and took off with the driver, breaking the cart. For a few weeks, ground work was the name of the game. There was lots of lunging, round-penning, grooming and teaching manners. Comanche seemed to enjoy working and had a very eager-to-please attitude and plenty of enthusiasm!

Comanche lunging for the first time:

Finally, after months of groceries and patience, the time came to tack him up and ride for the first time. Fellow volunteer Kelly tried him out first and he did great! His steering was rusty and we knew we needed a new bit, but there was no hesitation, balking, or fear from Comanche! He just wanted to ride!

Kelly and Comanche's first ride:

In fact, Comanche did so well that we all felt safe and comfortable enough to let Joe have his first ride too!

Now Joe and Comanche go trail riding every weekend. Comanche has shed out beautifully and has gained all of his weight back. He's even developing some nice muscle!

Comanche is just one example of an awesome horse adopted from Horse Haven. There are so many more horses just like Comanche, so stay tuned to meet even more of our success stories! And take a peek at, and maybe you'll see your next dream horse!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

First Entry!

Greetings everyone!
We at Horse Haven want to increase our visability to the community and also foster communication about the horses we rescue and our programs. This blog will include pictures of our new horses, updates of horses that have been rehabbed, and before and after photos of our rescue graduates. If you wish to know about any horse in particular, leave a comment and we'll do a feature on that horse!

Check out to get the scoop on who we are and what horses we have available for adoption!